Question / Answer


What will happen with my MAKS PRO account?

The account will remain unchanged.

Will MAKS PRO equipment work with the new U-Prox sensor?

MAKS PRO equipment will work with new U-Prox equipment.

I use the services of a security company, do I need to renew the contract?

There is no need to renegotiate agreements with security companies, since the security company provides security services, changing the name will not be able to affect this in any way.

Will the applications save event history?

History of events, settings … everything will be saved and will be available as usual.

Why did change the sensors' names in the apps?

For the end user, the names did not change, only in the installers.

PRO PIR sensor is out of service, can I replace it with a new U-Prox PIR unit under warranty?

If the warranty period for the equipment has not yet expired, then you can replace the corresponding sensor with a new U-Prox.

Will there be support for MAKS PRO equipment?

MAKS PRO equipment will be supported as usual.

Equipment operation

How install security system?

It is very easy to install the U-Prox security system. Everything you need for installation: screws, fasteners, come complete with each sensor. The devices have simple mounts. Installation of the sensors to the required space can be done using screws or using two-way tape. The overall security system installation will take about 10-15 minutes.

Why install a wireless security system, because a wired security system is cheaper and more reliable?

15 years ago massively used wired phones, mobile phones were either business or luxury. Now almost everyone has mobile phones. It’s not only comfortable. The quality of wireless communication is steadily increasing.

The same situation with security systems. Wired systems require high-quality cable, trained personnel with electrical education, quality installation with line inspection, construction work with drilling, wiring, and other inconveniences. All this requires a lot of time.

As a result, we have a total cost which includes work. And compared with wireless systems, it is much higher. The wireless security system can be installed independently, the kit includes everything you need for installation.

The U-Prox security system has U-Prox BAND radio communication technology. It has unsurpassed characteristics in range, resistance to interference, due to channel redundancy, and is very efficient in terms of energy consumption.

What is a security group?

The security group is a logically independent unit in the security system. It combines a group of sensors, which is placed and removed from protection separately and independently of others. This can be done by a user who is authorized to manage a specific group.

What is the night guard mode, or stay?

This is a function that can work in any of the security groups. It is implemented as follows.  Consider the example of the house. When people put guards in this mode, the sensors that protect the perimeter: doors, windows, or even the entire first floor – become active. Other sensors – indoors – inactive.  So, you can move freely inside the room, and intrusion from the outside will be detected.

If there is no wired internet, is it possible to install a U-Prox security system?

You can install the U-Prox Security System even if you do not have internet. Since the backup communication source is the GSM network (the mobile operator card is installed). But in this case, you lose one of the communication channels.

Does the security system work over WiFi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology for connecting devices to the wired Internet. It is implemented in the devices of the series U-Prox MP WiFi. The central unit in this case can be placed anywhere.

How does the mobile application connect to the security system?

This is implemented using cloud technology. With the security panel, the system works directly, “without intermediaries”.

With the user’s smartphone, the mediator is the cell of the device in the cloud, through which events are displayed on the smartphone and control commands from the user are passed.

If the phone is offline, will there be an alarm notification?

If the phone is out of network, the security system remote control and watch events will not work.  But you can get an alarm notification if you set up a call from the device to the user’s phone. This mode is indispensable if the system operates autonomously, without remote monitoring.
We advise you to entrust security only to specialized companies, which will monitor your facility 24/7 and respond in case of alarm notification. U-Prox is the best wireless device for remote protection.

Where produce security system U-Prox?

Everything that is in U-Prox, from the idea to the engineering implementation is done exclusively in Ukraine.

How to replace the batteries in the sensors of the wireless security system?

a) Modern energy-saving technologies allow you to not think about replacing batteries for several years (2-7 years).
b) 2 weeks before the full discharge, the security system will warn you and the service security organization about the discharge.
c) Popular battery sizes are used ААА, CR2, CR123A і CR2032.

What colors are the equipment?

The U-Prox security system has a refined design.  As standard, the case of devices is executed in white or black color.  For WDC or WDC mini sensors, the white starter kit includes replaceable dark brown housings.

Why does the system uses two mobile apps?

The use of mobile applications U-Prox Home and U-Prox Installer allowed to separate system settings and management.

The U-Prox Home application is used to control the U-Prox security system. The application implements the required set of functions:

  • Taken into safeguarding.
  • Disarming.
  • Taken into safeguarding in night mode.
  • Alarm button.
  • Event history with simple filters.
  • View temperature from sensors.
  • Add camcorders with zones.
  • Watch the video from a connected camera.

In the event of any failure in the system application, U-Prox brings this information to the home screen, and notify the user via Push message.

U-Prox Installer is used to configure the security system.  Through an application is performed the primary activation of the sensors .