Security alarm system for office

An office is a place where important, sometimes secret documents or large sums of money are kept. Also, there are expensive office equipments. Secutiry alarm system for the office will help ensure the safety of valuable property.

Who needs a security system for the office

If the office is located in the office center, a security guard is usually on duty at the entrance to the building. But it is advisable to supplement the physical security with an security alarm to activate at night. Small offices today are actively opening in residential buildings, they will convert apartments on the ground floor for them. Owners usually take care to protect windows and doors with bars, from the back door they put armored doors, and they store money and the most important documents in a safe. But as a rule, locks, even the most complex, do not stop the criminals. But the the armed guards, who arrived on an alarm, will be able to stop them.

Usually thieves try to get in offices at night, when all the staff go home. But if the company works with material values, cash, robbery during the day is possible. In the first case, security alarm will send an alarm notification when the detector is triggered. In the second – use security system with panic button, which can be pressed manually.

The best solution for ensuring safety is connection of the security alarm system to a monitoring station. When any detector is triggered or the panic button is pressed, the monitoring station will immediately receive an alarm signal via encrypted channels, and patrol will come to the protected object in a few minutes.

What is included

It is better to mount the alarm system in the office as a comprehensive fire and security alarm system, complete it according to an individual request, select the necessary modules and their number. The core of the system is the base unit – device recieve signals from other wireless devices, monitors and coordinates their work:

  • to track intrusion into the office use motion detectors, opening detectors, combined motion detectors and glass breaks;
  • smoke detectors with built-in sound and light annunciators;
  • key fob with panic button function, keypad for entering code to arm/disarm.

The system can be supplemented with a repeater, siren, and a water leakage detector. It is also recommended to set up IP cameras.

Benefits of U-Prox kits

The U-Prox alarm system can be used in an small office for 1-2 rooms or in a large office center. It is distinguished by the range and stability of communication, wide scalability:

  • connect up to 99 wireless devices (sensors);
  • register up to 60 users, each can have a compact keyfob;
  • use up to 8 partitions (perimeter, floors) with their own keypads for independent control.