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Is it possible to 'mute' the alarm?

Your device communicates with the security company via two GPRS channels and the Internet – Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If you try to “jam” or somehow block the communication channel, U-Prox will send a signal about it.

If there is an animal at home, can an alarm be installed?

If the animal is no more than  25 kg, then we will install special sensors that do not react to such animals, it is not required to restrict pets in movement. If the animal is large, then we recommend allocating a space for it in the room, where sensors that react to movement will not be installed, there you can install a sensor that responds to glass breakage, or sensors for opening doors and windows.

What are the sensors powered from?

Most of the sensors are powered by lithium batteries. They have sufficient capacity and operating temperature range. Thanks to the adaptive power of the radio transmitters and the optimized data transmission protocol, the service life can be up to 7 years. The shortest service life of alkaline batteries “finger” or AAA, which are installed in the keyboard – up to 2 years. But the replacement does not even require a screwdriver, the keyboard is removed using a regular plastic discount or bank card.

And how will the system work if the electricity in the house is turned off?

The sensors are powered by their own batteries. And the U-Prox security center is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which will provide autonomous power for 24 hours. And if this is not enough, then you can use the design feature of U-Prox devices – an input power supply 12V DC, which means that an external uninterruptible power supply can be used, or a car battery, then the autonomous life can be increased, even up to several weeks.

How does the system communicate with the security agency?

Modern systems work via an Internet connection, this is mobile Internet in GSM networks or fixed cable. U-Prox uses both connections, thus providing data transmission redundancy to the monitoring station in case of blocking or jamming of GSM-communication or cable breakage. Control of communication with the device is provided by the monitoring panel.

If there is no cable internet, can you install the U-Prox system?

Of course you can, but in this case you lose one of the communication channels. The device will only work via the GSM network.

What radio technology is used in U-Prox?

We use a proprietary technology called “U-Prox BAND”, it operates in the 868.0-868.6 MHz frequency range allocated for such systems and transmitter powers allowed without licensing up to 25 MW in the basic device, up to 20 mW in detectors, 10 mW in key fobs, with dynamic adjustment (the first exchange attempt is always at minimum power).

U-Prox BAND has significant advantages over its competitors: the length of the packets transmitted over the air is almost two times less, the optimized retry algorithm (this is energy consumption), the sensitivity of the detector receivers is higher (this is the range both in line of sight and in building conditions). The U-Prox security center has two transceivers operating at different frequencies in the permitted range, providing redundant data transmission from sensors.

One of the “tricks” of U-Prox BAND is the function of updating the software of all elements over the air. If any shortcomings are corrected or the functionality of the device is added, then the owner and the security company do not need to worry about dismantling, sending for an update. The update will occur automatically after the automatic update of the basic device.

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