Water leak prevention

Helps prevent unwanted water leakage and shut off its supply in the event of a pipe burst, washing machine malfunction, etc.

Water leak detector

  • U-Prox Water
  • MAKS Water

U-Prox Water

Water leak detector. It has four contacts for detecting leakage. No installation required

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U-Prox Valve kit

  • Сирена U-Prox siren
  • Сирена U-Prox siren

U-Prox Valve

Control and power supply device for 12V motorized valve. Closing the valve on arming, opening – on disarming, remote control from the application, detection of malfunctions, “anti-acidification” function.

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12V motorized valve 3/2″ or 1/2″ with manual control. Low operating current, patented technology, service life up to 100,000 cycles

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