Security alarm system for apartment

When the crime rising, increasing in apartment thefts the protection of apartment is becoming an important task. The best solution – an secutity alarm kit that will promptly notify about the intrusion and other emergency situations. You can configure the alarm alerts to family. But it is more reliable to connect the alarm system to the security monitoring station. So, when alarm is triggered, patrol will quickly arrive in the apartment and detain the attacker.

Who needs a security system for apartment

Building management companies care about the safety of residents and the safety of their property, installs intercoms on the doors of porches, and organizes a concierge post below. It do not exclude the possibility of outsiders entering the entrance and apartment. Armored doors with locks of high burglary resistance can not always stop intruders; it is advisable to supplement them with an security alarm system.

Buy an security alarm system for an apartment worth it if:

  • money, jewelry, and other valuable property that is easy to take out are stored there;
  • most of the day there is none of the tenants in the apartment;
  • there is no protection against intruders, and you can’t count on the vigilance of neighbors in the stairwell;
  • doors, lock not reliable enough;
  • the apartment is located on the first, last floor or there is the possibility of intrusion through window, onto a balcony, fire escape, etc.

What is included

The starter alarm kit consists of a base unit and a pair of detectors:

  • PIR movement detector;
  • magnetic contact detector for doors, windows.

Also, the security alarm system of the apartment includes a compact control device – a keyfob or keypad. In modern alarm systems, you can use a smartphone with an application to arm and disarm it.

There is high risk of entering the apartment through the window, it is worth supplementing the starter kit with a glass break detector. To receive alerts not only about the invasion of criminals, but also about emergency situations, you can add flood and smoke detectors to the system. A siren will help to attract the attention of neighbors, to frighten off an attacker.

Benefits of U-Prox kits

The secutiry alarm system U-Prox is:

  • stable signal, noise immunity, transmission range up to 4800 m;
  • ease of installation and adding devices;
  • A user application to perform the daily operations of the system management. For complex professional settings used other application;
  • modern versatile design;
  • Excellent value for money and functions.