U-Prox Relay DC

  • Controlled relay with 10,8…14,8V DC power supply
  • Output COM NO, 250VAC/10A or 30VDC/10A DC max.
  • Operations > 100 000
  • Response delay 5 sec
  • Modes impulse, trigger (bistable)
  • Impulse duration adjustable: 0.1 … 250 seconds
  • Secure two way communication, sabotage detection, key – 256 bits
  • Dimensions & weight: 44 х 36 х 18 mm & 55 grams
  • Operating temperature range -10°C to +55°C
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U-Prox Relay DC – is a wireless low-current relay which is designed to control appliances remotely. The device is connected to the control panel and is configured with the U-Prox Installer mobile application.


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